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How Would You Build Your Taycan?

Porsche’s build-your-own configurator for the Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S have been live for a few weeks now, so surely you’ve had time to build your own ideal Taycan, right? I’ve spent my own time dreaming of getting behind the wheel of one of these. I don’t have the six-figures necessary to step aboard my own Taycan, but I can build hundreds of them in cyberspace for free. That makes this a fun and easy way to bring some reality to your dreams. You at least get to see which options you might select, and what the car might look like when fitted with them.

Waste of time? Maybe. Fun? It can be.

If you’re going to be spending imaginary money, you may as well go all out, right? That’s why I chose the highest spec Taycan Turbo S to spec out. It’s quicker, faster, and more powerful, which is important if you want to impress your friends with your new electric Porsche sedan, you know. And since we’re talking about electric cars, let’s set at least one record straight. According to a study conducted by Ford, 42 percent of Americans think electric cars need gasoline. Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) do not need gasoline.

The car’s exterior color is far and away the most important option choice. While Mamba Green Metallic (above) and Gentian Blue Metallic are excellent colors for the Taycan body, I keep gravitating toward the incredible Carmine Red for a combination of classy and sporty.

Then you can select from a pair of wheel designs. Personally I think they’re both a bit ugly, and would ultimately end up sticking on a set of aftermarket wheels, so I stuck with the zero-cost option « Mission E Design Wheels » in 21″ sizes. If you’re inclined to keep Porsche wheels on the vehicle, I might suggest getting the Porsche Exclusive paint-matched wheel option. That choice looks best with the blue paint colors.

On the inside, we’re going a little off-the-wall with Race-Tex Graphite Blue interior. It’s a non-leather option for anyone who wants to save a herd of cows, and an attractive looking color for those who don’t care either way. I paired this with the $660 option to have the seat belts color-matched to the interior color. Truffle Brown and Black-Over-Bordeaux-Red are also excellent options if you want to have leather seat materials.

From there it’s all about options. If you’re going to have this big heavy electric sports machine in your driveway, you’re going to want a dynamic ride that can handle well. That’s why I chose to add Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport, which is excellent at making big heavy cars feel much smaller than they are. It’s a must-have in any Panamera, and I imagine works just as well here in the Taycan. And if you’re going to have all of that go-fast, you need to brake fast, too. Pick up the inexpensive PCCB option to give your Taycan the stopping power.

Add in a bunch of advanced tech, like Porsche InnoDrive with Adaptive Cruise Control. ACC is an must in any new car, and it boggles my mind that Porsche even offers this car without that option. Or any car for that matter. And then Night Vision Assist is a must, because this car is all about impressing your friends with new tech, right? And you have to have a heated steering wheel for those chilly morning drives.

That’s it. That’s all. That’s all there is. My imaginary Taycan ended up crossing the finish line with an astronomical $208,330 price tag.

Just for fun, I wanted to see how high I could balloon that number. Fitted with every option and package, the Taycan Turbo S tops out at $238,480. That’s a pretty strong number. Are you going to fork over that much dosh for an electric Porsche?


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