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Here’s Everything We Loved From LUFTGEKÜHLT 6

This is my third time attending the awesome Aircooled show put on by Pat Long, Howie Idelson, and an increasingly busy Jeff Zwart. I made the trek to Los Angeles for Luft 3 before I even owned an aircooled car. I attended last year with my 912E in the parking lot. This year I applied to be in the show and wonder of wonders they selected it to be one of the 370 Porsches on display. My parking spot was directly next to a 73 Carrera RS worth several orders of magnitude more than my ride. Luft6 was awesome, and here are the photos I took while I was there. Who else would be directing traffic than Patrick Long himself (above).

According to some of the behind-the-scenes folks, this show included more cars than ever before, and they were spread out all over the Universal Studios back lot. Some were in a New York downtown setting, some were in the courtyard of the clocktower from Back To The Future, some were in an old western town that was used to film Three Amigos. In any case, the variety of backdrops made for an incredible and visually stimulating day. I’m so happy to have attended this one, despite it being the largest and busiest Luft yet. It is going to be hard for the show to top this venue for next year. I can’t wait to see what they do!


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