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Here Are The Things You Can Do While Waiting For Your Taycan To Charge

Carfection, as per usual, has the best produced and most insightful video reviews on the internet. They’ve returned with Henry Catchpole to review the Taycan Turbo S on the road. As we already knew, the Taycan is a certified good car, and gets the unofficial Carfection seal of approval. But what it doesn’t do is take the place of an internal combustion engine sports car. Is the Taycan a 911 beater? No way. Is it a pretty good alternative to a Panamera Turbo? That’s right!

One of the many things people find to complain about electric vehicles is the length of time it takes to charge. The average fuel stop is 5-ish minutes, right? Tack on a few minutes to hop in for a pee and grab a soda pop and a Little Debbie brand snack cake from the convenience store, and you’re still in and out in about 10 minutes. The Taycan will take 20 minutes to charge up to 80% of the battery life. That last 20% takes quite a bit longer, as you have to taper off power delivery as the battery gets full. That means you’ve got an extra ten minutes to kill when you stop to recharge your brand new Taycan (assuming you can find a fast charger).

Thankfully Carfection is here with a list of things you can do while your Taycan recharges. Along with a full and comprehensive review of the car, naturally. Check it out!


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