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Drag Battle: Lamborghini Huracan Performante Vs. 991.2 Porsche Turbo S

While these two supercars don’t exactly cater to same demographics, they do possess similar straightline strengths. The soft, silent, bubble-bodied Porsche Turbo S looks almost modest when stood against the angular, wing-clad Lamborghini Huracan Performante doused in a coat of metallic lilac. More powerful and much lighter, the 640-horsepower Performante looks like the car that would leave a 911 behind without much difficulty.

However, Porsche’s 911 Turbo has always had a way of outrunning the on-paper quicker cars. That wide wave of turbocharged torque gives the 3,750-lb Turbo S the shove of a freight train, and thanks to the near-seamless shifts of the PDK transmission, that shove is never interrupted. With 553 lb-ft of torque available from 2,100 rpm, the Turbo S is frighteningly fast from just about anywhere in the rev range. In most real-world situations, that big-block-esque turning force should make the Porsche the quicker car.

Watch how both four-wheel drive vehicles leave the line at about the same rate, but how the Porsche surges ahead once they’re underway. With that mid-range shove and perhaps a mild traction advantage, the Porsche’s the faster from stoplight to stoplight. That said, the jump off the line pays dividends. 1,350 feet later, the two are separated by just a tenth of a second. At the end of the quarter mile, the Porsche pips the snarling bull by a hair’s breadth.

Dragging from a dig and from a 40-mph roll are two different tasks entirely. The Lamborghini’s weight and throttle response play a role here. At tip-in, the Porsche’s mild delay keeps it from snagging the rolling race. When time comes to stop, the award again goes to the Performante; roughly 700 pounds make a major difference in the act of deceleration. You simply cannot cheat physics when it comes to braking—but that doesn’t stop Porsche from trying.

Which one would you rather have?


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