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Can Porsche’s 718 Cayman GTS Keep Up With Toyota’s New Supra?

In a word, sorta.

Thanks to this short video from the Carwow folks in the UK, we can see the comparative performance of a quartet of sporty performance cars. The two true Germans, Porsche’s 718 Cayman GTS and Audi’s TT RS Roadster stack up against the BMW with a Toyota hat, and a tuned version of the French Alpine. These cars are run through paces in quarter mile drag racing, a roll race, and a braking distance test.

I would argue that the wrong 718 was used for this test, as a base Cayman with 300 horsepower is priced almost identically ($56,900) to Toyota’s Launch Edition Supra ($55,250). By using the GTS model, which starts at $80,700, it’s not exactly a fair comparison. But I digress.

The GTS came in second in the quarter mile test, just a smidge after the much lighter Alpine. The roll race and the braking distance test were won outright by the incredible Cayman.

While the Supra didn’t quite pip the Cayman in any of these tests, it was within a margin of error to be certain. Any sports car that runs the quarter mile in around 12 seconds is properly quick. It’s clear that Toyota (and BMW) benchmarked the Cayman in the construction of the Supra. If the right priced base Cayman had been the one used, it likely would have been trounced by the Toyota.

It’s clear that Toyota has a good car in the fifth-generation Supra, but is it enough to drag you away from a Porsche?


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