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Beck Porsche 550 Spyder Review! Complete with Drive.

Have you ever fantasized as to what it would be like to drive a 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder? That completely open feel, the roar of that air-cooled mid-ship engine right behind you. What would it be like to drive a car that weighs almost nothing but still has over 100HP? Well, unless you have about $4M in cash, you are a bit out of luck. …or are you? Have you ever thought about one of those beautiful Beck replicas? Sure, they have mostly VW running gear, but it isn’t all that different than the Porsche suspension, steering and brakes from 1955. They weigh about the same and have a similar construction without the hassles of a very soft aluminum body. What about the engine? Well, fitting a four-cam engine would be very expensive and they are finicky and difficult to keep in tune. A VW type 1 power plant can be built out to about the same power level and be much easier to maintain. Do I have you thinking about it yet? Well, if so, check out our review and drive of an early Beck Spyder fitted with a 1912cc VW engine pushing over 110hp on a tubular frame car. What do you think? Can you see yourself bombing around town in one of these silver beauties? Watch the video and see if a Spyder is right for you!


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