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4 Laws’ Full Carbon Porsche 911 On Display at Tokyo Auto Salon

The Tokyo Auto Salon draws all sorts. With so many audiences catered to, the wildest custom creations make an appearance, and nothing is verboten.

Though not as loud or garish as a Rauh Welt creation, 4 Laws’ carbon 911 does carry that in-your-face quality that makes it such a standout. While lacking the wild bodywork that the best-known Japanese 911 tuner is famous for, this new outfit keeps the classic 911 lines while replacing the factory panels with painstakingly crafted carbon items. The sinister grey appearance, complemented by an athletic stance and classic Watanabe/Panasport wheels for a little JDM flavor make this an undeniably sexy package.

Every single body panel is made with a combination of wet and dry carbon which is reportedly lighter than wet carbon but stronger than either.

Though not outlandish by the standards of Tokyo Auto Salon, 4 Laws’ 911 is one of the most striking cars I’ve seen in some time—proving that a clean exterior, some innovation, and the right wheel fitment make all the difference.

Though not decorated in itasha style, this menacing 911 was one of the more eye-catching cars at TAS.


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