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Seven Wonders Of The World: Porsche Announces A New Experience Center At Hockenheim


what the Porsche experience center at Hockenheim will look like

Atlanta, Le Mans, Leipzig, Los Angeles, Silverstone, and Shanghai are all the current cities in which you can find a Porsche Experience Center. The Le Mans, Silverstone, Shanghai facilities are built on the premises of famous international racing circuits, while the Atlanta, Leipzig, and LA facilities are built on Porsche-owned properties with their own unique driving circuits available to experience. Within the next two years, Porsche will build their seventh PEC facility, a 176,000 square meter area within the heart of the historic German circuit, Hockenheim. Each of the state-of-the-art automotive test facilities contain features to test the abilities of Porsche and driver alike: A complex handling course, several tests of driving dynamics, and an off-road course for Cayenne and Macan owners.

Like other PECs, the new construction at Hockenheim will feature a modern building with Porsche’s now-standard futuristic design language. That 48,000 square foot building will house event spaces, conference rooms, a Porsche swag shop, a Porsche Classic Lounge, as well as a themed restaurant and cafe. Exhibition areas for legendary Porsches of the past will also feature heavily in the design of the building, as well as service bays and workshops for various racing and classic Porsche automobiles.

track layout at Porsche's experience center in Hockenheim

“The Porsche Experience Centers allow our customers and fans to experience the performance of our vehicles as well as the fascination of the brand at first hand”, says Porsche’s Detlev von Platen. “We are extending this unique offering by constructing this new site near our main plant in Zuffenhausen.”

Hockenheim ring Porsche Experience Center

Thomas Reister, CEO of emodrom-group spearheading this venture, followed up by saying: “I am delighted that we have been able to attract Porsche, our preferred candidate, as a long-term tenant for the redesigned Hockenheimring. The manufacturer’s decision to construct another Porsche Experience Center here, so close to the corporate headquarters, demonstrates the great potential of our concept, and sends a strong message to other companies and universities that they should get involved with our agile mobility showcase. At emodrom-group, we are investing purely private funds in the double-digit millions, which, in the medium to long term, will also benefit the city, the metropolitan area and Baden-Württemberg within the automotive utopia of Germany.”

Construction is due to start toward the middle of 2018, with the experience center expected to be operational by the end of 2019.


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