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Here Are The Most Expensive Porsches Ever Sold

Porsche’s fan favorite video series « Top 5 » is back for another season, and this time they’re tackling some truly interesting lists. To open the season, Porsche is focusing on the cars that made the brand famous, the ones with incredible pedigree and rarity, the ones that people spent gobs of money to buy at auction. Here is the list of the top five most expensive Porsches ever sold. How this list was made, I’m not entirely sure, as I know I’ve seen some Porsche cars sell for between the 3 and 5 million dollar range that are not listed here.

1. Porsche 917/30 Chassis #004 – $3,000,000

2. Porsche 550A Spyder Chassis #14S – $5,170,000

3. Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion Chassis WP0ZZ99ZWS396005 – $5,665,000

4. Porsche 956 Chassis #003 – $10,120,000

5. Porsche Gulf-Wyer 917K Chassis #024 – $14,080,000

If you want an explanation of why each of these cars is worth as much as they sold for, click the play button above and enjoy the smooth lilt of Ted Gushue’s voice describing exactly thus. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely looking forward to next week’s Top Five Fastest Porsches of All Time video, despite already knowing the answers.


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