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Not a Restoration: 1978 Porsche 935 “Moby Dick” Build

This 1978 Porsche 935-007 was the restoration project of the marque experts at Freisinger Motorsports in Germany. Serial number 006 and 007 examples of “Moby Dick”, as they came to be known, were the latest developed iterations of the factory 935 series turbocharged race cars. Their elaborately shaped aerodynamic bodies were designed for high speed tracks, while still retaining the classic 911 silhouette. Many unique pieces on the factory racing specials, such as their “upside down” transmissions, larger one piece aluminum brake calipers and 3.2 liter, four valve, twin cam water cooled Type 935/71 engines had not yet been made available to private race teams. And who could blame them, because what hugely-funded factory racing effort wants a lowly privateer to beat them at their own game? In any case, continue on the following page for a brief history of #007’s journey from a 9 year hibernation stint in a Porsche storage unit in Germany to it’s new owner in Los Angeles in 1988, and then back to Germany again for the epic project seen here to begin. The predecessor to this feature car, Moby Dick number 006 seen above, won at the 1978 running of the Silverstone 6 hour race and qualified in […]



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