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Austin’s Circuit of the Americas Marks new Territory for Brumos Racing

2013 Brumos 59In six decades of racing, there isn’t much that Brumos Racing hasn’t seen, and there aren’t many US road courses that the Jacksonville, FL-based team hasn’t visited. However, the 2nd round of Rolex Series competition for 2013 will offer Brumos the rare opportunity to break new ground as they make their racing debut at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas. The state-of-theart Texas facility opened in 2012 as the first purpose-built Grand Prix venue in the US, but it also accommodates many other types of racing. At 3.4 miles with 20 turns and significant elevation changes, the new course will definitely prove challenging, but it is a challenge eagerly anticipated by the Brumos team.

Andrew Davis has not previously raced at Circuit of the Americas, but he has done his research, saying, “We have really been looking forward to taking the Brumos #59 Porsche to this race. It is a new track for us, but we will have a day of testing to get things sorted out. The track has some technical sections that will present a real challenge. We have to find a good compromise that will work for those areas as well as for the faster corners and really fine tune the balance of the car.

There will be heavy brake zones, long straightaways, and tight hairpin corners so it will definitely be challenging in many ways – but it will also make for some great racing action. Brumos is ready to get to Austin, accept those challenges, and showcase what we can do for this new Texas audience. We obviously didn’t get the result we had hoped for at Daytona, so we are ready to make up some lost ground and get the #59 Brumos Porsche back up front where it belongs.”

While the upcoming race will also be Leh Keen’s driving debut at COTA, he made time last year to visit and has seen the new facility first hand. “I went to the inaugural F1 race there last season,” he explained. “It is, without a doubt, a world class venue and it says a lot for the future of US road racing. This race will be one of the definite highlights of our season and I can’t wait to get the famous Brumos #59 out there and see for myself what the track is all about. It will also be great to get back into the groove of the sprint race format. We had a tough Rolex 24 this year, but that was only the first race of the year, so we have the opportunity to really make up a lot of ground with a strong finish here. There is just so much excitement around this new track and this race – I want nothing more than to make history and stand at the top of that podium with Andrew and the Brumos team.”

The GRAND-AM Rolex Series will make their Austin, TX, debut for Round 2 of the 2013 GRAND-AM season at the Circuit of the Americas on Saturday, March 2nd. The 2.75 hour race will begin at 3:00 PM CST/ 4:00 PM ET. It is scheduled for same-day broadcast by SPEED TV beginning at 4:30 PM CST / 5:30 PM ET. MRN Radio will also provide live coverage throughout the race event.


Source: Brumos Racing


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Porsche Cayenne buying checkpoints

Everything you need to know about buying a used Porsche Cayenne

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Discover The Human Aspect Of Race Car Driving

porsche human performance

Porsche Human Performance: Get Race Fit 2013

Although being a race car driver is very different from being a football, baseball, or basketball player, it still requires a huge amount of physical endurance and strength. Ultimately the most important component of any vehicle is the driver.

Porsche offers a program to help prepare drivers for the rigors of race car driving called the Human Performance Lab. Located at the Porsche Driving Experience Centre in the UK at Silverstone, the facility includes a sports science laboratory, equipped with state-of-the art technology from Technogym and Optical Express. A heat chamber is available for specialist acclimation training for athletes and drivers prior to competing in hot climates

In this video, discover how Porsche Human Performance help all types of motorsport drivers prepare for the season ahead. With a whole mix of drivers and riders from the motorsports world, including F1 driver Mark Webber and MotoGP rider Bradley Smith taking part in the activities, you might find out some interesting insights from the specially trained Human Performance team.


Source: Youtube


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Great roads: Stelvio Pass

Imagine it – 60 hairpin bends (one of which threw the great Stirling Moss over the edge), stunning alpine scenery, and a climb to nearly 3,000 metres. Surely a recipe for a great driving road.

Great roads: Stelvio Pass

I thought so, which is why I was disappointed as I slowly worked my way up the northern side of the Stelvio Pass, struggling to pass cyclists and stopping at many of the narrow hairpins to let motor homes and coaches pass on their way down, hemmed in by stone walls on each side. It was, to be frank, no fun.

At the top, I stopped, expecting a bleak, wild place that would make me feel isolated and humbled. What I found, though, were some second-rate hotels and restaurants, plus a string of souvenir stalls selling yodelling teddy bears and miniature cowbells. It was also wet and cold, and I couldn’t walk far without feeling out of breath in the thin air – respect to those cyclists.

Despite all this, I still couldn’t help but feel a sense of exhilaration at being there. Never before had I reached 2,757 metres (9,000 feet) above sea level while remaining on land.

To put that into a UK perspective, Ben Nevis is 1,344 metres and Snowdon is 1,085 metres above sea level (Mount Everest is in a different league at 8,848 metres). But, of course, you’d never get a car up those peaks! Stelvio is the highest paved pass in the Eastern Alps and the second highest overall and has changed little since it was built by the Austrians in the early 19th Century. I may not have felt isolated, but I certainly felt humbled.

After a much-needed shot of espresso and a warm in front of a roaring fire in one of the many cafes, I jumped back in the 911 for the drive down the other side of the pass. And I soon realised that, yes, the Stelvio Pass really is one of the world’s great driving roads.

This side was wider and without the paint-scratching walls, while the route was more open with better visibility. I could look down over the edge of the road and see below if anything was coming towards me on the next hairpin – a novel experience in itself. If there wasn’t, I fired the Porsche fast into the bend, braked hard at the last minute, then let the back end break away before hitting the throttle again to power out the other side. Perfect!

And I did this again and again, through one hairpin after another, not caring that my ears were popping as I plunged ever faster downwards, the temperature getting warmer by the second and the scenery ever-more glorious.

Sure, I didn’t have the road to myself, I was sharing it with countless motorbikes, other cars – some dull, some exotic – and more of those mad cyclists. But I didn’t care – somehow it felt right to be appreciating the magic with other like-minded people, whatever their preferred choice of chariot.

That said, next time I drive Stelvio, I’ll go out of season and start very early in the morning, before the crowds arrive, for true motoring nirvana.

As it was, though, I can safely say that tackling the legendary Stelvio Pass was truly one of the best drives of my life.

If you haven’t already, you need to experience it for yourself!

Essential info: 

LOCATION: In the Italian Alps, north of Bormio and close to the Swiss border. 46° 31’ 43” N/10° 27’ 10” E


POINTS OF INTEREST: Tibet Restaurant at summit; 60 hairpin turns; summer skiing nearby.

ACCOMMODATION: Hotel Baita Clementi, www.baitaclementi.com; Hotel Madatsch, www.hotelmadatsch.it; Hotel Post, www.hotelpostglorenza.com.


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Gemballa at the Geneva Motor Show 2013

Gemballa will be showing the four cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. Two are world premiers, the Gemballa 12C GT Spider and the Gemballa Aero bodykit for the Porsche Cayenne, the other two, the Gemballa Tornado and the Gemballa …

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